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No Cost Trial - Oniqua Analytics Solution for MRO Materials Management

Inventory Optimization Free Trial

Now you can sample the power of Oniqua Analytics Solution using your own data - at no charge*.

Get a taste of the value other market leaders, including BHP Billiton, ConocoPhillips, Rio Tinto and Tennessee Valley Authority, are currently achieving with Oniqua.

Simply provide us with a slice of data from your existing ERP system.  We’ll run it through our Intelligent MRO analytics and provide you with a brief report highlighting specific areas for potential cost savings or other efficiency improvements across your MRO inventory.

You’re a quick 4-step process away from identifying potential ways to make significant, tangible improvements to your MRO materials management activities:

1. Submit the form on this page
2. Coordinate with an Oniqua specialist on the data extraction process
3. Oniqua analyzes data using Oniqua Analytics Solution
4. Together we discuss results of the analysis and areas for potential improvement

That’s it.

Based on our nearly quarter century of experience working with global asset-intensive organizations, chances are high that you’re sitting on significant amounts of hidden waste... and potential savings.

Complete the form today. We’ll respond within 48 hours.

*Available to qualified SAP users only. Limited to MRO inventory data. The trial program offers no guarantee of results, which will vary depending on the current state of customer data, materials and inventory status.